Subdivision and Land Development

Hanscom v. Bitler, Pa. Commw. (2005)

The MPC does not require a municipality to accept dedication of a street or road simply because it is built to public road specifications under a subdivision and land development ordinance.

Hanscom v. Bitler,
883 A.2d 1111 (Pa. Cmwlth. 2005).

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Kassouf v. Scott Twp. (2005)

A municipal board’s rejection of a development plan satisfies Section 508(2) of the MPC so long as one of the stated reasons for rejection properly cites applicable ordinance provisions.

Kassouf v. Scott Twp.,
584 Pa. 219, 883 A.2d 463, 2005 Pa. LEXIS 2136 (Pa. 2005).

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In re Appeal of Busik (2000)

Preliminary Plan Approval, with Adverse Conditions, is a Final Appealable Decision; Failure to Appeal Waives Right to Challenge the Same Conditions Imposed on Final Plan.

In Re Appeal of Busik, 759 A.2d 417 (Commonwealth Court) August 9, 2000

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