Appellate Procedure

Appeal of Chester County Outdoor, LLC (2013)

Applicant who succeeds in challenging the zoning ordinance cannot appeal zoning hearing board's advisory opinion on site-specific relief where applicant withdraws plans for site-specific relief during hearings on validity challenge.

Appeal of Chester County Outdoor, LLC, 64 A.3d 1148 (Pa. Commw. Ct. 2013).

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Hionis v. Concord Township (2009)

A plaintiff may seek review of an interlocutory order granting preliminary objections but providing the ability to file an amended pleading, by waiting until the time period for amendment expires and petitioning the lower court for an order dismissing the complaint.

Hionis v. Concord Township, No. 1771 C.D. 2008 (Pa. Commw. 2009).

Date of Decision: 5/11/09

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Commonwealth v. East Brunswick Township (2008)

The Attorney General had standing to bring an action, at the request of a citizen, in original jurisdiction in the Commonwealth Court against the Township for an alleged “unauthorized local ordinance” under the Agricultural, Communities and Rural Environment Act (“Act 38”). The Court found that Act 38 was constitutional; however, the Court denied summary relief because it was unclear whether the application of sewage sludge was a normal agricultural operation.

Commonwealth v. East Brunswick Township, 956 A.2d 1100(Pa. Cmwlth. 2008).

Date of Decision: 9/23/08

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