State Statutes Related to Land Use/Current Legislation

PA Municipalities Planning Code (MPC)
The Municipalities Planning Code (pdf format) establishes the framework for land use planning and regulation in Pennsylvania. The MPC sets powers, duties, and procedures that apply uniformly to all classes of local governments – counties, cities, boroughs, townships, and home-rule municipalities – except the cities of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

State Statutes Referenced in the Municipalities Planning Code

Sections 301(6) and 603(b) of the MPC require that local comprehensive plans and zoning ordinances be consistent with and not exceed the requirements contained in a number of specific statutes. All of those statutes are available for viewing below.

Other State Statutes Related to Land Use

In addition to those acts listed in the MPC, there are other state laws that are of importance to local officials and others interested in sound land use. Refer to the Department of Community and Economic Development’s Local Government Law Library and the Pennsylvanian Local Government Commission for frequently cited municipal laws in Pennsylvania. Others include: